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Service to Professional Organizations


Nomination Chair, Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43, American Educational Research Association, 2020-2022


Chair, Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43, American Educational Research Association, 2018-2020.


Chair-Elect, Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43, American Educational Research Association, 2016-2018.


Board of Directors, Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG 43, American Educational Research Association, 2014-2016


Chair, Reading Hall of Fame Emerging Scholars Fellowship Program, 2019-present


Member, Reading Hall of Fame Emerging Scholars Fellowship Program, 2015-2018.


Chair, Literacy Research Association’s Distinguished Scholar Award Committee, 2014-2017 & 2018- 2020.


Chair, International Reading Association’s Erwin Zolt Digital Literacy Game Changer Award Committee, 2017-2019.


Member, International Literacy Association’s Dina Feitelson Award Committee, 2014-2017.


Member, Literacy Research Association’s Management Search Committee, 2013-2014.


Chair, Literacy Research Association’s Distinguished Scholar Award Committee, 2014-2017 & 2018- 2020.


Chair, International Reading Association’s Erwin Zolt Digital Literacy Game Changer Award Committee, 2017-2019.


President, International Reading Association, May 2010-May 2011.


Conference Chair, 2011 International Reading Association, Orlando, FL.


Conference Chair, 2010, International Reading Association World Reading Congress, Auckland, NZ.


President-Elect, International Reading Association, May 2009-May 2010.


Vice-President, International Reading Association, May 2008-2009.


Past President, Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference), December 2007-December 2008.


President, Literacy Research Association, December 2006-December 2007.


Conference Chair, 2006 Literacy Research Association, Los Angeles, CA.


President-Elect, Literacy Research Association, December 2005-December 2006.


Vice-President, National Reading Conference, April 2004- December 2005


Member, Multicultural Committee, National Reading Conference, 1994-present.


Member, Oscar Causey Award Committee, National Reading Conference, 2000-2003.


Member, Urban Diversity Initiatives Commission, International Reading Association, 2000-2007.


Member, Standing Committee on Research, National Council of Teachers of English, February 1998-2000.


Member, Committee on Resolutions, National Council of Teachers of English, September 2001-2003.


Member, National Council of Teachers of English Promising Researcher Award Committee, November 1998-2000.


Member, Early Childhood Issues Committee, National Council of Teachers of English, October 1998-2000.


Member, Affirmative Action Chairperson, American Educational Research Association, Spring 1996-1999.


Member, Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference) Multicultural Issues Committee, December 1995-present.


Member, Executive Committee of the National Conference on Research in Language and Literacy, an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English, November 1995-1998.


Program Area Chair for "Literacy and Language Diversity," National Reading Conference, 1993-1997.


Chair, Affirmative Action Division E, American Educational Research Association, Fall 1994-1997.


Member, International Reading Association Family Literacy Commission, March 1993-1997.


Member, National Reading Conference Student Award Committee, 1992-1995.


Member, National Reading Conference Legislative & Policy Committee, 1989-1992.


Member, International Network of Scholars associated with the new Center on Families, Communities, Schools, and Children's Learning (The Johns Hopkins University), 1991-1996.


Secretary/Treasurer, International Reading Association Special Interest Group-Literacy Development in Young Children, 1989-1992.


Chair of a Subcommittee, National Council of Teachers of English, Elementary Practices and Programs Committee, 1989-1993.


Member, National Network of Minority Scholars Interested in Head Start Research, Howard University, Washington, DC, 1985-1990.

Member of four International Reading Association committees:

           Teacher Effectiveness Committee, 1983-1985

           Parents and Reading Committee, 1985-1988

           Altruistic Projects Committee, 1988-1991

           Publications Committee, 1991-1993


Newsletter Editor for the International Reading Association Bibliotherapy and Reading Special interest Group, 1987-1989.


Member of the Board of Directors for two International Reading Association Special Interest Groups

            Bibliotherapy and Reading, 1982-1989

            Children's Literature and Reading, 1986-1988






Co-Editor, Michigan Reading Journal, 2014-2017.


Chair, Michigan Reading Association’s University Representative, 2017-present.


Member, Michigan Department of Education’s Family Engagement Stakeholders’ Taskforce, 2018-present.


Member, Michigan Reading Association’s Diversity Committee, 2011-present.


Member, Michigan Alliance of Reading Professor, 2009-present.


Member, Michigan Reading Association, 1990-present.


Region 6 Representative, Michigan Reading Association, elected Spring 1998, but resigned after being elected the International Reading Association Board of Directors.


Early Literacy Committee, State of Michigan Department of Education, March 1997-2000.


Project Evaluator, State of Michigan Department of Education, Wesley Direct Instruction Model, August 1995.


Chair, Family Literacy Committee, Michigan State Reading Association, Spring 1996-present.


Resource Network Expert, Michigan Family Forum, 1993-present.


Chair, Parents and Reading Committee, Louisiana Association for Children Under Six, 1987-1989.






Keynote speaker, 10th annual Governor’s Education Summit. Lansing Center, Lansing, MI September 2004.


Keynote speaker, Delta Days at the State Capital, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Lansing, MI, April 8, 2003.


Nominating Committee, Capital Area Girl Scouts, 1999-present.


Capital Area Reading Council, 1997-present.


Committee Chairperson, Links Inc., sponsored a needy family for Christmas.  The family was referred to the organization by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lansing, December 1994.


Capital Area Literacy Coalition and the Baton Rouge Reading Connection, 1986-1988.


 Baton Rouge Public Schools Committee for Elementary Magnets, 1986-1987.


Co-chair, Lansing Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., "School America Committee", 1990-1995.


Education Chairperson - Grambling Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., 1985-86.


Volunteer, Louisiana Center for the Blind, 1985-1986.


Treasurer, North Louisiana Reading Council, Ruston, LA, 1982-1984.


Membership Chair, North Louisiana Reading Council, Ruston, LA, 1981-1984.





Advisory Board Member for the History Makers Higher Education, 2021-present

Advisory Board Member for Orchards Children's Services - Parent Child + Leadership Council, 2019-present


Collaborative Board Member for Baton Rouge, Louisiana Early Childhood Education Initiative, 2019-present


Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), April 2018-present


Imagine Learning, Provo, Utah, February 2015


High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Ypsilanti, MI, June 2003-2007.


WGBH Teaching Reading: A Video Library, K-2, May 2001-2003.


WGBH “Reading Between the Lions” Advisory Board, May 2001-2004


Reading Aloud International Advisory Board, October 2003-present.


Advisory Committee to North Central Regional Educational Laboratory Achievement Gap Work, May 2002.


Michigan Middle Start Advisory Group, Kellogg Foundation, May 1998-2002.


Peeble Soup Advisory Board, Rigby Publishing Company, May 2001-present.


Laboratory for Student Success (LSS) Advisory Group on Family-School-Community Partnerships, The Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory, Temple University, June 2002-present.


International Reading Association Board of Directors, May 1998 - May 2001.


U. S. Department of Education Review Panel on the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL), Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, October 1998 – February 1999.


National Ready to Read Advisor, Western New York Public Broadcasting Association, Buffalo, New York, Spring 1997-present.


Literacy Link Advisory Group Member, PBS Adult Learning Service, Alexandria, Virginia, Spring 1997-present.


Harper Collins Publishing Company's Infants and Toddlers Book Reading Series entitled Harper Growing Tree, Spring 1997-present.






International Reading Association, Volunteer Facilitator, for Literacy Development Action Research Workshop #2: Linking Learners, Texts, and the World: A Multicultural Approach to Literacy Development, Primary Education Project ll—Universal Basic Education Division/World Bank, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, September 20-24, 2004.


North Carolina A & T University, American Education Week Collegiate Conference, Greensboro, NC, November 21-22, 2003.


Reading First Technical Assistance Workshop, sponsored by the Georgia State Department of Education, Georgia Southern University, October 2003.


Lansing School District, October 13, 2003.


University of Minnesota, Early Reading First Initiative, June 16-17, 2003.


Iowa Reading Association, Ames, Iowa, June 11-12, 1999.


Developmental Teacher Education Program, University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Marilyn Watson invited me to co-present a workshop with her entitled “Preparing Teachers to Build Moral Classrooms” at Jackson State University (Jackson, MS), May 17-21, 1999.  This workshop was presented in collaboration with the Institute for Educational Renewal at Jackson State University.


Waverly Intermediate School District, "Diversity in the Language Arts Curriculum, Waverly,

MI, March 1994.


The Richard D. Buckley Institute, College of Education & Human Services, University of

Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Elementary Education Institute, Oshkosh, WI, July 1994.


Washington Alliance for Black Educators, Bellevue, WA, March 1994.


Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Columbus, OH, April 1993.


Black Male Achievement, Bakersfield City School District, Bakersfield, CA, July 1993.


The Third Annual Family Literacy Conference, sponsored by the Illinois Literacy Resource

Development Center, Jumer's Castle Lodge, Urbana, IL, November 1992.


Literacy Council of Midland County, Midland, MI, March 1992.


Building Strong Families: Parenting Young Children, sponsored by Cooperative Extension Service,

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, March 1992.


Professional Leadership Academy Workshop #12, sponsored by the Michigan State

University and Lake Superior State University Education Consortium, Lake Superior State

University, Sault Sainte Marie, MI, February 1992.


Basic Skills Curriculum Planning and Implementation Seminar, sponsored by the JTPA

Division, Department of Employment and Training, and the JTPA Management

Development Program, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, February 1992.


1990 Summer Institute, sponsored by the Education Leadership Academy and the

Educational Extension Services, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, June 1990.


Louisiana School America Initiative, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Southern University, Baton

Rouge, LA, March 1990.


Workshop/Institute/Symposium Participant


I participated in the 9th Annual Governor’s Education Summit, “Great Start—Great Finish,” sponsored by the Michigan Foundation for Education Leadership and Education Alliance, September 30, 2003.


I participated in an invitational Symposium titled Connecting with Parents in Early Years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from March 28 to March 30, 2003.  Representatives from national organizations and foundations, researchers, and parents who are actively engaged in the field of early learning and parenting were invited to participate in the Symposium.


1997 week-long institute focused on integrating into teacher preparation a clear focus on children's social and ethical development.  This institute was held on the University of California at Berkeley campus, and was conducted by Developmental Studies Center (DSC) in collaboration with the Developmental Teacher Education Program (DTE) of the University of California at Berkeley, July 14-18, 1997.


1986 Summer Institute on Child Development & Social Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  This Institute was sponsored by the Bush Institute for Child and Family Policy and by the Society for Research in Child Development Committee on Child Development and Social Policy, June 14-17, 1986.


1985 Faculty Development Workshop on Language and Literacy, Georgetown, University at Washington, D.C., July 1-30, 1985.



Invited to part of a review team with Dr. Bradford Brown (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Dr. Jerome Beck (Southern Illinois University), January 27-29, 2016 by Florida Atlantic University, College of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning to do a program review.


Invited to serve as the external reviewer of Central Michigan University’s MA in Reading and Literacy K-12 Program on March 27-28, 2016.


Ann Arbor Public Schools, 2008-2010.


Pearson Group, Glendale, IL, 2008-2009.


Williamsport Area School District, Williamsport, Pa, May 2006-2007


Connecticut State Department of Education, Hartford, CT, January 2006-present.


Wilkerson County Early Reading First Project, Irvinton, GA, June 2009-2011


Twiggs County Early Reading First Project, Jeffersonville, GA, May 2008-2011.


Early County Early Reading First Project, Blakely, GA, May 2008-2011


Talbot County Early Reading First Project, Tabotton, GA, May 2007-May 2008.


Project Core, Early Reading First, Fayette, AL, January 20005-2007.


Project EXEL, Reading First Grant, jointly sponsored by the Alabama State Department of Education and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, January 2004-2006.


The DC Partnership for Early Literacy, Reading First Grant, Apple Tree Institute for Education Innovation, Washington, DC, August 2004-2005.


Wayne State University, Reading First Grant, Detroit, MI, August 2004-2007.


Battle Creek Public Schools, Battle Creek, MI, August 2003-2010.


Chicago Reading Initiative, Chicago Public Schools, May 2003.


South Bend Public Schools, South Bend, IN, August 2003-2006t.


Waterloo Community School District, Waterloo, IA, January 2003-2006.


Apple Tree Institute for Education Innovation, Washington, DC, October 2002.


Evanston/Skokie School District 65, January-December 2002.


McKinstry Elementary School Comprehensive School Reform Grant, funded by the Iowa Sate Department of Education, March 2002-2004.


RMC Research Cooperation, Arlington, VA, July 2001-2004.


Catalyst for Cleveland Schools, Cleveland, OH, April 2001-2003.


Luling Elementary School, Luling, LA, January 2000.


WGBH “Reading Between the Lions Program,” Boston, MA May,1999.


Collaborative Center for Literacy Developmental Proposal, University of

Kentucky, Institute on Educational Reform, Lexington, Kentucky, March 1999.


Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon, November 1998


Portland Public Schools, Portland, Oregon, March 1997.


Harper Collins Publishing Company, New York, NY, February 1997.


International School of Beijing, Beijing, China, November1997.


Phi Delta Kappa Fall Research Conference, Chapter 1530, Tokyo, Japan, March 1996.


Even Start Grant, Memphis Public Schools, Memphis, TN, April1996.


Heinz Endowment, "Current Issues in Emergent Literacy," Pittsburgh, PA, January,1996.


Minister of Education, Trinidad and Tobago, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, March 1995.


 “Seniors for Schools Initiative,” University of Pittsburgh, Spring 1997.


 MSU Campus Newspaper, Michigan State University, April 1992.


 MSU Cooperative Extension, Michigan State University, March 1992.


Syracuse Public Schools, Spring 1996.


New Readers Press, 1993-1995.


Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Cleveland, OH, 1993-1994.


Developmental Associates, Fairfax County, VA, 1992-1994.


School District of the City of Highland Park, State/Federal Programs Division, Highland Park, MI, 1992-1994.


Washtenaw Literacy, and representatives from the Ypsilanti area Head Start Programs, Student Parent Center, Ypsilanti Housing Commission, the Washtenaw United Way, as well as staff and board members of Washtenaw Literacy, Ypsilanti, MI, 1991-1993.


Midland Adult Literacy Program, Midland, MI 1991-1993.


Ford Rawsonville Plant, Ypsilanti, MI, January1991.


Three Even Start Projects: Lakewood, Co; Toledo, OH; and Huntington, WV,

1990 - 1992.


National Center on Adult Literacy, University of Pennsylvania, 1990-1991.


Mrs. Glenda Gallegly, a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship recipient and a kindergarten teacher in Clute, TX, July 1990.


Illini Reading Council Committee for Community Service Project, Champaign, IL, 1989-1990.


Scholar, Script Advisor, and Pre-Circulation Evaluator of a video addressing illiteracy in the State of Louisiana, "A Parent's Guide to Raising Readers, sponsored by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, 1989-1990.


Consulting Reader, "The Mechanics of Success in Family Literacy Report,  An Illinois Family Report", Illinois Literacy Resource Development Center, Rantoul, IL, 1989-1990.


Tammany Parish School System, Covington, LA, 1986-1988, 1989-1990.


Consulting Reading, Master Parenting Program, North Carolina State University Extension Services, Raleigh, NC, 1989-1990.


Institute for Responsive Education (Boston, MA), 1988-1989.


Center for Disadvantaged Students, University of Houston, 1988-1989.


Paul E. Slaton Head Start Center, Ruston, LA, 1985-1986.





Membership in professional societies

American Anthropological Association, since 1989

American Education Research Association, since 1986

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, since 1986

International Reading Association, since 1977

Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, since 1976

Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference), since 1983

Michigan Reading Association, since 1991

National Association for the Education of Young Children, since 1990

National Council for Teachers of English, since 1988

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