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Department of Teacher Education, College of Education, Michigan State University 

Undergraduate Courses 

TE 310, Methods of Teaching Reading in the Elementary School

TE 401 Crafting Teaching Practices

TE 405 Teaching Literacy to Diverse Learners—Elementary Level

Masters Courses 

TE 802 Reflection & Inquiry in Teaching Practice I: Literacy

TE 807 Professional Development & Inquiry

TE 840 Proseminar in Literacy and Language Foundations

TE 842 Advanced Elementary Reading Methods

TE 843 Content Area Literacy

TE 844 Classroom Literacy Assessment

TE 845 Language Diversity and Literacy Instruction

TE 846 Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners

TE 847 Language Arts Instruction

TE 848 Writing Assessment and Instruction (PreK-5)

TE 851 Literacy for the Young Child at Home and School

TE 873 Literacy Leadership

Doctoral Courses 

TE 946 Current Perspectives in Literacy Research and Instruction

TE 958 History of Literacy Research & Instruction

TE 959 Acquisition and Development of Language and Literacy—Research on Early and Middle Childhood

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